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Marriage Roles

The uncertainty over the roles of husband and wife in a relationship remain the primary cause for the failure of a marriage. Spouses enter into endless arguments and fighting. However, each couple should discuss and decide together upon who should most competently resolve which task in the home. This should not necessarily be determined in the same way as your parents have, according to how it is done in your social sphere, or according to the tradition of your people (background?). It is necessary for each couple to identify rules and a methodology of behavior in their relations as husband and wife.

1. According to me, in a marriage, a role is –

2. My primary role in marriage is –

3. I have come to this conviction regarding my role in marriage as a result of...

4. Role of my husband/wife...

5. A woman’s roles in a marriage are as follows...

6. A man’s roles in a marriage are as follows...

7. I can better aid my husband/wife in coping with his/her role, if

Your views on roles in a marriage
The husband is the head of the household.
The wife should not work outside the home.
The husband should regularly help the wife wash dishes.
The wife also has every right to initiate sex with the husband.
The husband and wife should plan their budget and spending together.
Neither the wife nor the husband should buy expensive things without notifying each other beforehand.
First and foremost, the father is responsible for the discipline of children.
A wife possessing unique talents should use them at work.
The responsibility of the wife is to keep the house clean and tidy.
The husband should go out with his wife for recreational purposes at least twice a month.
The wife is equally responsible for the discipline of her children, as is the husband.
Tending the garden is included in the responsibilities of the husband.
First and foremost, the mother should be the one to teach the children values.
Children should participate in the planning of family affairs.
Children develop better in a home in which their parents strictly monitor their discipline.
The husband should spend an evening with the children outside the home on a weekly basis, even if he works long hours.
Meals should always be prepared by the wife.
The husband is responsible for his work, while the wife is accountable for the home and kids.

What does the word of God say about the roles of husband and wife?

Read Ephes. 5:21-33.

1. Which word summarizes the responsibility of the wife for her husband? Compare to 1 Peter. 3:1-2.

2. How should the phrase “as to the Lord” be understood (Eph. 5:22)?

3. Are there any limits imposed on the wife according to Col. 3:18 and Acts 5:29?

4. According to Eph. 5:33, how should a wife treat her husband and how should this be expressed in everyday life?

5. How should the word “submit” be understood (Col. 3:18)? Write down your opinion.

6. Read Prov. 31:10-31. Describe the woman from this excerpt using modern terminology. What would she do and be like if she lived in your city and in conditions similar to yours?

7. What is the role of the man? Is submission a part of his role and function? If so, then in what exactly, and to what extent? What does the passage in Eph. 5:21 have to say about this?

8. Study Еphes. 5:22-33. Which terms does the Bible use to describe the responsibilities of the wife? Compare verses 23 and 25. Read Philip. 2:4.

9. What kind of example should the husband set as the leader of marital relations? Compare Eph. 5:23 with Eph. 1:22.. In light of these passages, the authority of the husband should be for the sake of whom?

10. For whose sake is the authority of Christ? Compare Eph. 1:22 and 5:25-27. In light of these passages, the authority of the husband should be for the sake of whom?

11. How did Christ love the Church? Relate each of the above points with how a husband should love his wife.

12. Question for the groom. In Proverbs we discover that great responsibility is placed on the wife and that she may use her gifts. Which gifts or abilities does your bride possess, in comparison to you?

13. Question for the bride. The Holy Scriptures encourages women to use their gifts and abilities. Which gifts or abilities are you endowed with, in comparison to your fiancé?

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