Your Personality

There is a theory according to which every person has to find a "right match". Therefore people spend a lot of time searching for such a match, they try to find an ideal person, that perfectly fits to them. Unfortunately, in many cases it doesn't work. Marriage is not about to live happily with a flawless woman or man. There are no such species in the world. Marriage is about to live happily in the real world with the real person who differs from you.

Nevertheless, it is good to know each other's personality. Instead of endless tries to makeover your spouse, better to help him or her to develop their best character's features and see how to use them for your marriage.

Almost all personality type tests are based on the classification made by ancient Greeks: Hippocrates, Plato, Galen, etc. This test uses David Keirsey's temperament classification.

Now, read the following statements. What do you think about them? Choose on the scale from 1 to 5, where 1 - strongly disagree, 2 - disagree, 3 - not sure, 4 - agree, 5 - enthusiasticly agree.

1. I like to dream about my life.
2. I like to work in a well organized environment with clear goals set before me.
3. I get bored when I have to do the same familiar things.
4. I have a very wide range of interests.
5. I am more optimistic than most people.
6. I am more creative than most people.
7. I am always looking for new experiences.
8. I am willing to take risks to do what I want to do.
9. I get restless if I have to stay home for any length of time.
10. I have more energy than most people.
11. I think consistent routines keeps life orderly and relaxing.
12. I understand complex devices easily.
13. I enjoy competitive conversations.
14. I consider and reconsider every option thoroughroly before making a plan.
15. I like to get to know my friend's deepest needs and feelings.
16. I feel thrill when a situation goes unpredictable.
17. People should behave according to established standarts of proper conduct.
18. Taking care of my possessions is a high priority for me.
19. Regardless of what is logical, I generally listen to my heart when making important decisions.
20. I am more analytical and logical than most people.
21. I highly value deep emotional intimacy in my relationships.
22. I am able to solve problems without letting emotions get in the way.
23. My friends and family would say I have traditional values.
24. I can change my mind easily.
25. I tend to be cautious but not fearful.
26. I vividly imagine both wonderful and horrible things happening to me.
27. After watching an emotional movie, I often still feel moved by it several hours later.
28. I like to figure out how things work.
29. I am tough-minded.
30. It is important to respect authority.
31. I would rather have loyal friends than interesting ones.
32. When I wake up from a vivid dream, it takes me a few seconds to return to reality.
33. I have no trouble making a choice, even when several alternatives seem equally good at first.
34. Long established customs need to be respected and preserved.
35. When I buy a new car or device (like computer, smartphone, TV, etc.), I like to know all of its technical specification.
36. I like to avoid the nuances and say exactly what I mean.
37. I feel emotions more deeply than most people.
38. When reading I enjoy it when the writer takes a sidetrack to say something beautiful or meaningful.
39. When making decision I like to stick to the facts rather than be influenced by people's feelings.
40. I make impulsive decisions.

Your Personality Type

Points Description
0 Peacemakers are empathetic, idealistic, a big-picture thinkers. They feel uncomfortable in fight, so sometimes they yield you even when disagree. Be careful do not subdue them. They bring warmth and comfort.
0 Explorers are funny, adventurous, novelty-seeking, creative people. They hate monotonous life. Let them go ahead to the horizon.
0 Directors are aggressive, single-minded, analytical. They tend to regulate, to direct, to rule. They believe that without their leadership everything will go wrong. Let them use their leadership gift for good.
0 Builders are cautious, conventional, managerial. If you need to organize work or vacation - let them use their natural abilities to create order from chaos.

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