Pre-marriage counseling is a counseling given to prospective wives and husbands before marriage. It plays an important role in building healthy marriages. Many marriage studies and researches have shown that pre-marriage counseling helps reduce the possibility of divorce or unhappy marriage. Couples who attend pre-marriage counseling classes are able to better overcome challenges and difficulties of marital life.

The function of pre-marital counseling is two-fold:

  • To assist couples in developing skills to navigate their way through marriage successfully
  • To identify (and if possible resolve) areas of difference between couples that may become a source of conflict later
Do not forget to direct the couples to spiritual as well as psychological resources to improve communication among them. Your counseling will help to the young people to strengthen their biblical understanding and foundation for their married life.

Your role is very important in the process of preparation the young couples to successful godly marriage. You invest your time, your efforts, your prayers into the new families. Remember, it matters a lot. May God bless you with patience, love and humor.

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