iHappy Online

Before you start your breathtaking flight towards true love in your marriage, we offer you an online version of a premarital training course.

This course is designed not to teach the basics of marriage. It serves rather as a discussion panel where young people, together with a qualified counselor, share their opinions on the most important questions of marital life.

iHappy Online course is especially useful for those young people who live in different cities or states, and who communicate with each other primarily via phone or the Internet. iHappy provides you with convenient and effective tools to prepare for an exciting life in a happy marriage.

You can see all the content through the menu on the left panel. To use all features of the application (to save your notes, to see your partner's notes, to be consulted by a counselor, etc.) you need to registrate on the website.


Follow the instructions. In several minutes you will feel comfortable on the website and enjoy its benefits.